Essential reading/listening/viewing

The Power Project

“This is Mark Bell from supertraining’DOT’tv and supertraining gym. THE. STRONGEST. GYM. IN. THE.WEST!”

Welcome to the Power Project, guaranteed to make you bigger stronger faster. If you don’t recognise him Mark Bell starred in the movie documentary ‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster*’ investigating the United States’ performance enhancing drug culture. Mark Bell is a powerlifter and ex-Westide (If you don’t know Westside gym – google it).

The top link above is Mark Bell’s gyms Youtube channel. It has over 3.1 million views and over 8300 subscribers (The Power Project army). On this channel Mark uploads daily videos talking all things strength and nutrition. Anybody and everybody can send in a question from Facebook, “The Yewtuuubes” or by email. His answers are excellent, always in depth and often include video form checks using Coach’s eye

The channel also includes video from daily training in his gym, ‘Super Training Gym’ in Sacramento California.

Here’s a little snippet of the powerlifting meet held at Super training last year.

Mark has a really great personality. He’s extremely entertaining to watch and always makes interesting and informative videos. Definitely essential reading/listening/viewing. He also runs a magazine called power magazine. 6 issues printed over the course of the year for $20 really is great value too (Paypal is also available for all you EU wanna-be-project-army members).

Power Magazine website

As Mark and his sadly passed away brother Mike Bell would say..

“I’d rather be dead than average”


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