The ‘Neckline Slimmer’ (Don’t Laugh..)

I’m currently watching a physiotherapist Paul Younane on a popular UK shopping channel  talking about his new ‘Neckline Slimmer‘.

He’s now currently explaining ‘the science’ of this product.

Is it just me or are those before and after pictures quite simply taken with the neck tucked to create a ‘saggy chin’, and then taken again with an extended chin for the after pictures? Just me?

He’s now moved on to talking about the in studio model’s facial muscle and jaw line definition… all while pointing at her cheek and jaw bone. I’m lost for words. This is what the Angry trainer fitness had to say on this. However, why not have a look for yourself below.

Undoubtedly this type of product really is the disease of the health and fitness industry. As a society we often ask why we have such a profound problem with obesity. The misinformation in this industry is without a doubt a major factor. This can’t be denied any longer. This product also screams of the equally destructive problem whereby some parts of this industry and the media create and convince large parts of society that features or physical characteristics that are any less than ‘perfect’ should be a cause of concern. The effect this has on men and women’s body image is only just coming to the fore. This however is another article in itself.  Saying that, sometimes you just have to laugh with the ridiculousness of it all when it comes to products like this. Anything other and we’re in danger of actually taking this seriously.

…uh oh the presenter has just said that apparently over 1.8 million of these have been sold in the U.S, and it has recently sold out in France.

Stop it world!

As I go to hit publish… over 80% of the stock has been sold…

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

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