Sunday Special – For the ladies. Essential reading/listening/viewing

Since starting this blog, I’m very aware that have I posted very little on training for women. Well here’s a Sunday special Essential reading/listening/viewing especially for you ladies. Instead of writing a long winded article type entry, I’m going to provide you with the essential reading  that will get you ladies into the shape of your life written by woman who have been their and done it themselves. This isn’t a 6 weeks ‘super duper’ programme that ‘insert famous celebrity here’ followed to get back to her  ‘sculpted goddess-like’ body after having a baby. Instead these articles will provide you with the information that will get you that healthy, sexy body, and show you what routine ‘insert famous celebrity here’ actually follows to maintain their athletic, slim figure that you desire.

The important thing I believe should be stressed to people starting off with this target in mind is to; Chase health. The athletic, sexy and slim body you want will follow.

I often hear woman say. “I don’t know where to start, I go to the gym and just do stuff..I don’t know what to do”. So, I’ll start by introducing you to your first Personal trainer. Meet Jen Comas Keck.


A figure model who’s dabbled in powerlifting, is a sponsored athlete at elitefts and a founding member of Girls Gone Strong

Ladies, if you want to be in shape. These are the people to listen to. Not the magazines or newspaper articles. I hope you agree – speaking on behalf of all men everywhere – this ^^ is beautiful. Not what you see on the catwalks. As the Girls gone strong motto says, “Beauty in strength”.

Jens’ articles

Part 1 (If you read anything I have posted here, please make this it)

Part 2 (Nutrition 101)

Girls gone strong Facebook

Girls gone strong manifesto

I hope Jen managed to convince you that cardio cardio cardio will not get you to your goals. Resistance training with some cardio thrown in will.

So introducing your second personal trainer. Jamie Eason. A former NFL cheerleader and recently winner of the “Worlds fittest model competition” (I had no idea that competition existed, but I am impressed) .

Jamie has an excellent free (yes free) 12 week program which is a fantastic introductory program that will get you results.

The Program. Read more here

Introducing your third trainer. Molly Galbraith (Second from the right (blonde) in the Girls gone strong picture above).

Also a founding member of Girls gone strong, sponsored elitefts athlete and another person with a wealth of knowledge. Molly has written a fantastic series on elite entitled “Tips for anyone who wants to improve athletic performance and look better naked”. This series is more suited to an intermediate fitness fanatic looking to take their training to the next level.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Lots to read, I’m sure you’ll agree. However, I wanted to include all the clear and concise information you’ll need to filter out all the misinformation and downright rubbish you may or may not have been fed from reading all those magazines, and ‘6 weeks to a flat stomach programs’. I wanted to show you how much hard work this actually involves. There are no short cuts. So ready to get started?

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

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