Media misinformation: A truly deplorable step by the media on anorexia

I’m often disappointed by the health and fitness information provided in the media and magazines. This latest article on a well known UK celebrity liking an apparently ‘pro-anorexia’ Instagram account is probably the worst I have ever read. I felt so strongly I did something I never do, and decided to comment on this article.

I hope you took a long hard look in the mirror Emma Roberts when you submitted this article. A Pro-anorexia website?!? What a disgusting piece of ‘journalism’. This instagram account is nothing of the sort. This is the aim of this account as titled on their page (search skinnybikinibody instagram and see for yourself) “Health and fitness. Inspiration for you to be the best you can be and look hot in a bikini!” Your comments show complete lack of understanding of anorexia, the seriousness of it and the struggle people undertake on a daily basis to overcome it, often resulting in people’s lives being in danger.

Those woman on that site are in fantastic shape, they are healthy and clearly fit and active. I suppose you think Jessica Ennis is anorexic then for being ‘skinny’ with washboard abs?
Think before you post such damaging words Emma. You are in a position of power, what you say – women and men will listen to and in some cases probably act on. If we are to reverse this epidemic of eating extremes (obesity, anorexia and others) we need news reporters like msn to report to us, the general public, the facts and not the fiction. Time to have another look in that mirror if you haven’t already..
Unfortunately this story has taken off in the UK media. Many of the lower quality papers have jumped on this and reported this the same as the above MSN article. Some have even quoted comments by eating disorder ‘experts’ that condemn this ‘pro-anorexia’ Instagram account. How ironic that the woman in the pictures are in fact at the height of human health and fitness. They are in incredible shape. They have clearly worked very hard in the chase for health and fitness, but according to the media are anorexic. Why do we listen to these sources? and why is it what they say goes when it comes to this subject? They clearly have no idea, yet they seem to have the biggest voice.
PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND RIGHT THIS WRONG. Looking like this is not anorexic, it is beautful
Strong Body. Strong Mind
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