How’s your mobility?

…Not good would be my guess for the majority of us. Are you sitting at a desk all day? Hunched over with your hands on a keyboard? Let me guess, you have aches and pains, your back/neck/shoulders/knees hurt, and you keep getting strains and pulls when you train. As a result you’re losing months in your yearly plan to injury and the subsequent rehabilitation work you’re doing in order to get back to where you left off pre-injury. Sounds familiar right? You are not alone.

So, it’s time for some ‘pre-habilation’ here at Standontheshouldersofgiants.

Here’s a video of the current mobility pre- (squat usually) training routine I’m following, by Kelly Starrett at Check out his blog, it’s packed full of great information all things movement and mobility (I’ll be including much more posts from Kelly, this man’s philosophy really needs to be heard).

Part 1. Pre Squat mobility

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

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