AJ Roberts is back!

If you follow the sweaty, grunting, often bloated world of American geared Powerlifting you will probably have heard of AJ Roberts. If you haven’t, where have you been? He is one Strong guy. A strong English guy to boot, which is always good to see on the world stage of any sport.

Recently AJ retired from Powerlifting and set out on a new path into crossfit. As he titled it. AJ Roberts – From strongest to fittest.

There was no hiding the disappointment of the powerlifting community. They were losing one of their favourite sons, but the charisma and the humble nature of the man ensured those who’s opinion mattered sent AJ on his way with nothing but admiration and support.

That being said…He’s Back! Here is a Facebook status AJ just posted today 26th March 2013…

After a year away from the platform I’ve decided it’s time for me to get back in the game. My first meet will be USPA North Americans at the San Jose Fit Expo June 28-29th. Planning on competing at 242 in the classic raw division.

Perhaps that means the Crossfit dream is over. Who knows yet. I myself would love to see AJ back under a barbell. Only time will tell; I for one wish him the best of luck with whatever he chooses.

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