Dan Green – West of Westside (JTS Strength)

West of Westside by Dan Green.

If you’re a raw lifter, you need to read this. For a long time now ‘Westside’ has had the monopoly on training principles in the Western strength world. I myself have been one of those people who have looked on ‘Westside as the bestside’. Now however, I’m opening my eyes to the fact that Westside is not the most efficient and effective protocol to develop raw strength. Following on from Mike Tuchscherer’s, Chad Wesley Smith’s and now Dan Green’s article the wool is being prized away from the eyes of the raw strength community. Dan is correct, Westside has become a religion of sorts. Unquestionable, ‘because Louie says so’. But lets be honest the raw records don’t lie here when it comes to raw powerlifting; so get your teeth into this article (and Mike T’s if you haven’t already) embrace it, lap it up and watch the PR’s fall.

Strong Body. Strong Mind.