Learning from Learney

My body is in all sorts of pain this morning. Why you ask? Well, at the weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first strength and conditioning seminar. The speaker at the weekend workshop was Phil Learney, a well known and respected coach/educator to fitness professionals and the general public alike. Day one’s topic was Fat loss and day 2 was on Performance. Day 2 involved a particularly rigorous practical training session (read ball busting session of hurt). The weekend was great, and I’ve taken away so much information I’m already introducing to my training. The information on mobility and activation drills were of particular help to me and have shown me that my glutes (and abs to some degree) need to be stronger. Much stronger.

Picture of the gang below. I’m second from the left (hands in hoodie pockets), and yes that is LeCharles Bentley (NFL 2 times pro bowler) standing to my right (read dwarfing me). LeCharles was an impressive man to say the least. Physically he’s in fantastic shape. He was laid back, a true gentleman and asked countless intelligent questions. Watch out for this man and his O-Line academy training facility in The US. Impressive things to come from him I’m sure.


Everyone at the seminar apart from myself was in the health and fitness industry to some degree. The quality of questions and discussions were occasionally at a higher level than I could understand, but still made for enjoyable listening and learning from everyone in the room, not just from Phil himself.

I encourage everyone to attend a similar weekend with a leading figure in the industry if you’re interested in furthering your knowledge, and taking your training to the next level. Nothing quite beats getting face to face, hands on knowledge and guidance from someone like Phil Learney. Just make sure you’re prepared for the practical if there is one. Try not throw up in the toilet like I did (yes I’m not exaggerating that really happened).

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

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