400 Pound Kettlebell Swings – Don’t do this

Ordinarily I try to avoid negative posts on this blog, but as I say in my About page, I want to promote the good quality sources in the strength and conditioning community. I suppose to some degree that should include some sources, or pieces to avoid. This piece is pretty poor. Don’t do this. This swing is not “identical” to the Deadlift unless you’re doing a 2inch range of motion rack pull from above your knees.

The whole premise of this article (I think, it isn’t clear) is to explain that the use of very heavy kettlebell swings are a great alternative to build strength and/or power if you can’t do Olympic lifts. The reason being, because it’s a plyometric, and also basically “identical” to a deadlift. So…I could actually just deadlift then… with much more weight than I can swing, which is a much more efficient and effective way to build my target of strength and/or power?

The author asks you to challenge yourself by asking…

“Here’s your challenge. Ask yourself, wouldn’t I get a hell of a lot stronger and more explosive if I was capable of swinging more than double my bodyweight?”

Here’s my challenge to you…Ask yourself wouldn’t you be a hell of a lot stronger and more explosive if you were capable of deadlifting 2.5x your bodyweight, safe in the knowledge that a double bodyweight swing would be no problem at all. Thankfully you’d be too busy deadlifting to actually use up your precious time swinging (unless that’s your thing….). Then you could actually be one of those strong people that the author quoted as saying, “Strong people think they’re a waste of time, more appropriate for a bootcamp class.”I should point out here, Olympic lifters and strength athletes are the go to guys when it comes to strength and/or power development. This is their remit essentially. And they’re actually pretty good at it. As the author admits, these disciplines “think they’re a waste of time”. Need I say more with regards to their effectiveness on this subject then?

Take what you need from your reading, discard the rest. In my opinion this is one to discard when discussing the subjects of strength, power and ‘manning up’.

Strong Body. Strong Mind.


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