How’s your mobility Part 3 (Shoulders)

…When Injuries get you down

So I’ve been struggling with my left shoulder for a good month and a half now. It has meant I haven’t really benched consistently for that time. I found that benching close grip was less painful and so have been benching that way for a good month. However, last week the pain returned with a vengeance. So I took a trip to the Physio. Apparently I have a…acromioclavicular joint (AC) sprain, and a¬†tendinopathy of the infraspinatus and the teres minor. Not good. All pressing is painful, so it’s time for rest and rehab.

Here’s a great video for you guys struggling with shoulder issues or just looking to keep them supple and healthy. Do it!

EDIT: A great new article by JTS Strength on Shoulder rehab. Have a look.

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

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