Inspire me: Elite Wisdom (Dave Tate)

Recently I’ve posted a lot of ‘Inspire me’ posts. This is because I’ve been lazy with my writing, but also because the strength community is full of motivating material at the moment that I felt needed to be shared. However, look out for an article on building your own home gym among others dropping soon.

Elite Wisdom by Dave Tate

If you know who Dave Tate is then you’ll know this is classic Tate. If you don’t know who he is, read on. You’re in for a treat.

The last few paragraphs speak volumes to me.

You know you need to find a way to up your game, step out of yourself, focus, and see what you’re really made of. Because once the bar is loaded and your set comes around, you find this place that I really can’t explain. From the time you approach the bar to the time the set is over, there’s nothing.

The fight you had with your girlfriend that day? Gone. Your finals? Gone. Your work issues? Gone. Your bills? Gone. The asshole across the gym? Gone. The bullies? Gone. The hurt? Gone.

The mental pain is now replaced with physical pain, but this is pain that you crave, because the load you’ve been carrying all your life is now resting on your back. And you have the power to smash it.

I call this “nothing” The Void, but it isn’t really nothing – it’s everything.

When I look back over 30 years of training, my big take-away is that training is my therapy. This is why I do what I do, both the positives and even the stupid shit. This is why I’m so passionate about passing on what I know.

The Void is the only time that I’m truly free – free from the bullshit that other people and life has thrown at me. It’s all gone, just me and the weight. And that’s where I find my peace. The Void has changed my life. Maybe it could change yours?



Strong Body. Strong Mind.


2 thoughts on “Inspire me: Elite Wisdom (Dave Tate)”

    1. Agreed Echosent, the man has knowledge in abundance, and a wish to share that knowledge with everyone and anyone to boot. Great guy.

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