For The Ladies: Part 3, Be Careful Who You Listen To

Part 3 of the series ‘For The Ladies’.

Find part 1 and part 2 here,

Part 1

Part 2

Who are you listening to Ladies when it comes to your training?

I hope it isn’t Tracy Anderson. Whilst she may have some useful ideas regarding engaging individuals in training, and I’m sure she must get some results with her clients; on the subject of women and lifting weights she is completely wrong.

I’d like to draw your attention to 45 seconds into the video in which Tracy begins an arm workout with Gwyneth, she says “Now I’m taking 3lb weights, only 3lb weights, no woman should use more than 3lbs.”

It cuts to Gwyneth who then says, “I hold my 30lb son in my left arm all day, so this (points to her right arm ie non lifting 30lb son arm) arm is like sagged lower than this one. So she makes me do more reps on one side”.

Hold on..lifting her 30lbs son with her left arm has made her left arm less saggy than her non lifting right arm. How there isn’t a light bulb moment with both of them after Gwyneth says that is beyond me.

Dean Somerset, a very well respected coach, has done a fantastic article on this very subject. For the nerds out there (like me), or if you’re just interested in the real facts about women and weights, have a read. The result can only be you acquiring the tools you need to get yourself in fantastic shape, and see the changes that YOU want to see in yourself. Health + Strength = Beauty.

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

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