Technique Talk: Squat 101

All Things Squatting

Instead of me writing a boring, detailed article, I’m going to introduce you to two Strength and Conditioning coaches that do a much better job than me of explaining the correct technique for raw squatting. Also, for any visual learners out there (like me), I think a video demonstration is much more useful to you.

Video 1, “Squat 101” – JTS Strength owner Chad Wesley Smith. A great video for beginners to intermediates alike on all things squat mechanics and great accessory exercises. Give it a watch.

Video 2, “The truth of the matter squatting” by Marc Keys (Strength and Conditioning coach for The Scottish Institute of Sport and accomplished Powerlifter). Again, a great video looking in-depth at the techniques that make a great squatter. Marc uses visual examples to explain his points ensuring they’re easy to understand for everyone from beginners to advanced lifters looking to tweak their techniques.

It’s important that every lifter learns how to squat the way that is best for their body and their personal strengths. Working out the best squat mechanics for you takes time and can be quite a daunting task for a new lifter. When looking to develop your squatting technique, the best advice I have been given is to stay as close to the competition lifts as possible. So squat lots, and really learn your craft. Also, if you can identify lifters that are stronger than you with a similar body type and squat mechanics to yourself; take cues from them. Hope you enjoy the videos and find them useful. Happy squatting.

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

4 thoughts on “Technique Talk: Squat 101”

    1. They don’t necessarily all squat narrow in the IPF. It’s just the raw guys that really squat ‘narrow’. The geared multi ply lifters squat wide stance because that gets the most out of their suit.

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