A Legend Speaks – Goggins On ‘The Hoff’ Debacle Part II

The story continues…

Let me start off by saying Goggins has some balls. That man has just reaffirmed himself even further in my humble eyes as an absolute legend of the sport. Not only did he back it up on the platform throughout his career, but this man is now fighting for the integrity of the sport off the platform. He says it exactly how it is. No holding back, or flitting around the subject. He directly asks Hoff if he thought his lift was good, and eventually in frustration at the rest of the panel; calls them all out for a squat-off (belt and wraps). If only for that magical moment, it’s a brilliant 20 minutes of radio. Give it a listen here from 40 minutes in.

Just for reference the lifts in question are these three squats.

Dave Hoff

Rheta West

Shawna Mendleson

Those lifts were passed by very experienced international judges as the panel reiterates many times. Judging these squats as high isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. To me it’s akin to me telling you the sky is blue and you arguing it’s pink with green spots. It’s obvious. In the words of Goggin. “Those judges are blind!”

I started these articles by asking “Is Multi-Ply Powerlifting losing it’s credibility”. Provided that we as the community, and well known lifters with a voice that people will listen to like Goggins are defiant against this, it hasn’t lost it’s credibility…yet. It is however at a turning point, that is clear, and it’s important that this sport moves forward into the correct direction. That starts with everyone observing the rules of squatting. It’s quite frankly as simple as that.

Again, in case anybody is still unsure of the rules.. There’s a handy IPF rulebook to set us straight.

IPF Technical rule book 2012 pg 17 – The Squat

3. Upon receiving the Chief Referee’s signal the lifter must bend the knees and lower the body until the top surface of the legs at the hip joint is lower than the top of the knees. Only one decent attempt is allowed. The attempt is deemed to have commenced when the lifters knees have unlocked.




Strong Body. Strong Mind.


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