The SpinGym – A revolution in exerc… a waste of time

Because this woman is a 2010 National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee…

So what I hear you say? she’s trying to make a living like everybody else right?

Well here’s a reason why this harmless exercise product should be met with condemnation – its misdirection gives false hope (or lies whichever way you look at it) in circumstances that can involve serious health implications.

The title of this video is ‘How to prevent a heart attack’…

Individuals that have medical issues with their heart require quality supervision from trained fitness professionals that understand the importance and seriousness involved with strengthening an individuals overall health. This is people’s lives we’re dealing with; these claims show the real dark side of the fitness industry.

When it comes to your health be careful who you listen to. I would say check the persons credentials, but this woman is a hall of fame inductee…So a good rule to go by – if they’re selling it on the TV shopping channels, it’s probably rubbish!



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