Inspire Me: Dan Green World Record

Dan Green hits an incredible 2083.8 Lb (without wraps) today at the USPA American Cup, breaking Larry Pacifico’s long standing 2080 Lb World Record total from 1973.

Dan is set to be one of the greats. The one thing that impresses me so much about Dan is that he’s a technical master. He has worked tirelessly to develop the most efficient technique for each lift. He’s a joy to watch. For those that don’t know who he is. This is what Dan is all about.




Strong Body. Strong Mind.

The Best Of Mark Bell

The Best of Mark Bell

Everything in context

Warning Strong Language (all videos).

I don’t agree with everything on these videos but…everything in context… find what applies to you, what speaks to you and use it as motivation towards whatever context you so choose. Get after it.

Do It Today – What’s Stopping You?

Strong Body. Strong Mind.