So Here We Are – 1 Year Anniversary

A year today Standontheshouldersofgiants (we really need a shortened acronym, if anyone has any ideas please comment below) was born. Since that day there have been 121 published blog entries, with a combination of possibly useful articles and other resources mixed in with a lot of ‘non-content’ in all honesty! Nevertheless I hope you, the reader, have taken something useful from this blog.

I do this for fun in my downtime from University work, and so receiving positive (and constructive) feedback is always humbling. Thank you all for reading, and I look forward to another year full of shared knowledge. More than anything I hope to promote my writings here as an initial platform from which ideas and knowledge can be shared amongst those in this community of strength.



So, here’s to another year and as always…

Strong Body. Strong Mind.

4 thoughts on “So Here We Are – 1 Year Anniversary”

  1. Good stuff Johno, looking forward to another year. Hope to see more of your own training and achievements blogged. Are you planning on competing?

    1. Thanks a lot Chris, appreciate you reading. I was thinking about posting more of my lifting. I’m worried about talking about myself too much and this becoming a training log blog ‘all about me’ rather than a general strength blog. But I’ll try get a few more videos up on how my lifting is going. I’m also thinking of starting a log on RTS; that place looks like a great place to log. I recently hit a relatively easy 200kg dead PB at 77kg, and I was thinking about doing a form/technique review post. I think I will now actually. I will be competing either at the end of this year or early next. I’m currently in the middle of an MSc so after that I will for sure. Thanks again mate

      1. Well, coming from an “all about me” blogger (wink) I’d enjoy hearing about your own training and how all the reading and research you have done has shaped your own journey as a lifter.

  2. In that case I think I’ll add in a series on where I’m at and my lifting philosophy and current training template for example. And see where that goes. Thanks for the feedback Chris.

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