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RTS Tracking Resource – RPE Training

Here is a fantastic (free) resource by Bryce Lewis for recording your training using RTS training principles such as RPE.  Bryce has a great youtube channel too, Find it here


For more information on RTS, you will find a range of articles in this blog using the search bar. For a comprehensive review of RTS, have a look at Powerliftingtowin.


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Boris Sheiko On Your Bench Press Arch

If you’re struggling with your bench press arch, give this short, but to-the-point article by the legend of strength, Boris Sheiko a look.

Click here for article.

Nailing your arch technique is a sure fire way of gaining easy kgs onto your total. Put some work in and you’ll reap the benefits. Boris is watching…




Strong Body. Strong Mind.

2014 – I’m All Fired Up!

It’s 1am in the UK as I type this, and I’m all fired up.

We’re coming to the end of the first week of 2014 and tomorrow I start my new 12 week program. Normally I set a ‘general’ template style for my training and then dictate the intricacies (ie intensity and stress level) of each day as I train. However! For these next 12 weeks I’m sticking to a more laid out plan written in advance. I’m doing this because I want to begin this year with a period of dialled in consistency. There’s no compromise with this plan, I’m going to do the hard work required. This, I hope, will set me up for a great year in and outside the gym. This is my year of getting strong. No compromise.

Have you made a new years resolution? Let me be the first to say you don’t need them, they’re useless, they’re pointless, scrap it now.

What you need is a list of targets. If your resolution is to ‘eat less chocolate’, or ‘exercise more’. Replace them with. ‘Be the healthiest, happiest version of myself’. ‘Run a half marathon by the end of the year’, or ‘Squat two and half times my body weight by Jan 1st 2015’. Replace the resolutions that hold negative connotations in your mind, with the positive end product you want to see in yourself; so each time you step outside your door to go to the gym you’re picturing that body you always wanted, or you achieving that sporting endeavour (whatever that may be) that this hard work in the gym will enable you to fulfil.

If you’re going to achieve anything you need a start point and an end point (target).

You’re standing at the start point right now…the hard part starts here. Are you fired up?




Make 2014 your year.

Strong Body. Strong Mind.