Motivation – why we do this

If training is more than just an optional extra of day to day living, and instead a real passion of yours, then this blog is for you.

Training takes on many forms and can mean something very different to many people. To me training refers to work done in the pursuit of an individual and often very personal goal.  An individual with a goal within or outside of the gym is a person to be respected. An individual with the drive and dedication to achieve that goal is a person to applaud, but also a person to learn from, especially if their achievement is similar to your goal.

I truly believe in educating yourself in everything you do. Recently, a training philosophy known as “Training economy” has been bounced around the online forums, article and information sites. This is a philosophy I really buy into. It essentially boils down to the pursuit of training effectively and efficiently. Whether your goal is to get up on stage in a bodybuilding competition, step on the sports field, secure that dream job or simply to be as healthy as possible; nothing replaces intelligent research, hard work and the dedication to achieve it.

To repeat an analogy by a real hero of mine in the strength and conditioning community – Dave Tate. If you switch on your sat nav and don’t know where your end goal is, how do you ever expect to get there?

Do you know what your goal is? If you do, then I hope this blog goes some way to fueling your motivation to achieve it.

Strong body. Strong mind.

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